Welcome to doogieshats.com.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality caps that one can buy.

Why Doogies Hats?

  1. Hand crafted in our shop in Sanford MI. USA.
  2. The comfort of our caps are second to none.(People have reported to us that they forget they have the cap on.)
  3. Made with 100% cotton. Made in the USA, Solid color fabrics for the insides of the hats.
  4. Due to the care that is put into the caps we do not have cone heads, headache bands or pinch points.
  5. Doogies Hats offer more options than others do. You can add to your caps right on the website for easy ordering.
  6. It is very easy to get a Hold of us. (No hiding behind the emails) Give us a call at (989)-513-4099. If we miss your call leave us a message and you will get a call back from Doogie. Like to use Email? Send us an email to doogieshats@gmail.com
  7. If you want a custom hat made just ask and we will see what we can do for you.
  8. We have a fast turnaround for custom hand made caps made to your order specifications.
  9. We share with you during the order process the date that we are shipping out. Also give you the date that it was last updated. So you can have a good idea of how far we are out.
  10. Largest selection on the web. We are always adding new prints.