Q & A

Question: How to measure my head?

Answer: Take a soft tape measure start at your eyebrows go around your head letting the tape rest at the top of your ear where your glasses sit leaving your ears out. pull the tape snug not tight. Use the size measurements that are provided on each hat. PS. If you fall between two sizes if you round down the hat will be a little tight round up and it will be a little loose. Call the shop for custom sizing if needed.

Question: Address?

Answer: Doogies Enterprises LLC 3655 N Meridian Rd Sanford MI 48657.

Question: Why did pricing go up?

Answer: Do to the cost of the goods that we use to make the hats have had a few price increases. That is why we had to raise our cost.

Question: Do you send a tracking #

Answer: Yes we do. The hats are hand made to your order specifications. We will send the tracking # to the email that you provided.

Question: Will your cost go up when you change over to a union shop?

Answer: No the Labor cost is not going to change by changing over to a union labor shop.

Question: I didn’t get an order confirmation.

Answer: Please check your spam and or junk mail. If not found there you may have miss spelled your E-mail address. Please call us or E-mail us to fix it.

Question: How does the buy 6 get the 7th free work?

Answer: You must put 7 qualifying hats in your cart and the coupon will automatically discount one hat no code needed. Note: The free hat is only applied to a single transaction not accumulated over time.

Question: Do you offer free shipping?

Answer: We do offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

Question: why do people love Doogies Hats?

Answer: The biggest reason is that we use the highest quality fabrics that we can find. All of the solids are 100% cotton and are very soft and durable. We also take great care in the sizing of the caps so if you buy one cap today and one next month they will fit the same. We use 10 oz. canvas in all of the bills to make a very tough bill no fluffy junk in our bills. Doogies Hats also has more standard options than most any other cap maker if not the most. Doogies Also takes custom orders as in prints sizing and options.

Question: Do you offer FR Caps?

Answer: Yes we do We offer Westex FR you can add it to any cap.

Question: Why westex FR?

Answer: Wetex is made in the USA and is the only brand that does not wash out if you follow the care institutions.