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971053_294157347390619_1255966371_nGoal Statement To strive to make the best Six and four Panel pre-shrunk best fitting welding, pipe-fitter, biker hats that you can buy and we work hard to keep the price down so that when you need a new hat you come back to us. We came up with the name Doogies Hats from a late great friend and mentor Jim Ross who gave me the nick name Doogie years ago. we miss you Jim.

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  1. hello, do you have anymore hats that are on your main page because on ur facebook page you seem to have a ton

    1. Our Facebook shows all the patterns that we have had over time many years worth. Some hats Come back as the fabrics are available. What is it that you are wanting to get?

  2. Received hats in less than a week. Quality is phenomenal, very comfortable. I will / would recommend you guys to everyone that uses welding caps, I will be a returning customer for sure!

  3. is there a way to special order a cap so it sits higher above the ears? Like maybe a 6 inch or 5 3/4?

    1. Yes you can order the med. depth hat and put in the order notes the depth that you want. the order notes are found on the same page that you put your address in at during checkout.

  4. I’m pretty particular about my welding hats and these are the best I have ever found! Been a customer for close to 4 years now and won’t go anywhere else as long as you are in business.

    1. Thank you Zach!
      We are always happy to see your name come though. We plane to be here for many years to come We are in our 10th year of business. I’m looking at 20 more years or better.

      1. Can you elaborate a little on what the family fund hats are about? I was looking for information on your page and can’t find anything. Thank you.


          Make a difference with every hat you wear! Introducing the Family Fund hats, where proceeds from every sale go directly to helping Brothers and Sisters in need. Led by the passionate Big Joe, this fund has been dedicated to improving the lives of Union Families since 2019. With countless donations and the support of Doogie’s Hats, we have been able to bring comfort and aid to those facing crisis.

          By purchasing a Family Fund hat, you’re not just getting a stylish accessory, but also contributing to our pay-it-forward philosophy. It’s not just a handout; it’s a hand up! Our custom-designed welding caps are not only building the fund but also creating opportunities for growth.

          Join us in making a real impact. Whenever a Brother or Sister requires assistance, we rally together as the Family Fund community. Together, we can bring hope and support to those who need it most. Wear your Family Fund hat proudly and be part of something bigger than yourself.

          YOU CAN FIND THE FAMILY FUND AT: https://www.facebook.com/groups/506844460230250

          Make a difference with every purchase! Introducing Family Fund hats, where the proceeds from each sale go directly to supporting Brothers and Sisters in need. Led by the passionate Big Joe, this fund was born out of a desire to provide aid and assistance to those facing crisis. Since its inception in 2019, the Family Fund has made a significant impact through countless donations, improving the lives of Union Families wherever we are working.


          At the heart of the Family Fund is our pay-it-forward philosophy – it’s not just a handout, it’s a hand up! And with the support of Doogie’s Hats, we continue to bring comfort and aid to those who are struggling. Each custom-designed welding cap you purchase helps build the fund and allows us to grow our reach even further.

          When a Brother or Sister requires a helping hand, we rally together as the Family Fund. With your support, we can make a real difference in their lives. Join us today in creating positive change and showing solidarity within our community. Together, let’s make an impact that will be felt for generations to come!

          Doogies Hats – the epitome of comfort, style, and durability! Elevate your head-wear game with our handcrafted hats that seamlessly fit under your welder’s cap, hardhat, or motorcycle helmet. Whether you’re on the job or out and about, Doogies Hats will not only protect your head but also elevate your look.

          At Doogies Hats, we believe in customization. That’s why we offer you the freedom to select your preferred fabric from our extensive collection. And worry not about color coordination – we’ll choose a complementary color for the other side of the hat. We even welcome special requests! If you can’t find a specific fabric you desire, simply reach out to us and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

          Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with Doogies Hats. Join countless satisfied customers who have made our hats their go-to choice for welding hats. Upgrade your hat game today!


          Customers may add embroidery for that personalized touch adding a name or a local/union name, or a phrase.

          We have a few goals at Doogies Hats:

          Providing a quality product
          Made in the USA
          Easy ordering
          Offering a large variety of fabric choices
          Quick turn-around
          100% Satisfaction (If any issues should arise, please contact us and we will strive to make it right u.for you.)

          Our main goal at Doogies Hats is to make a hat that you like very much that you’ll be back for more and you will tell your friends about us too!

  5. The best ever welding hats, amazing customer service response! Thanks so much for fixing my Royal mistake 🙂

  6. its been a while since I ordered hats and need to order a few more any chance you might have a record of what I ordered last time?

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