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  1. daniel carestia

    hi, when will your miami dolphins hats be back in stock?

    1. Doogie

      as soon as my suppler gets it back in stock I will get some. click on the notify me when back in stock and you will get an email as soon as it goes back into stock.

      1. Kelly Webster

        I got 3 hats for my son-in-law and he absolutely loves them! They are so well made and they say exactly what he’s thinking while at work. I’ll definitely be getting him more. Thanks, Doogies!

        1. Doogie

          That’s Great We look forward to doing business in the future.

        2. Jane E Mallorn

          Hi! My husband loves your hats. I was wondering if I could buy the pattern from you to attempt to make them fit him myself.

          1. Doogie

            Sorry we do not offer out our pattern.

  2. Matt Hauff

    I was curious if you have Harley-Davidson embroidered caps

    1. Doogie

      Harley does not make fabric or allow fabric makers to make it sorry.

      1. Scott

        While I do not wear welding caps, I do wear flat caps daily and am always looking for new patterns as I don’t like plain colors. Do you make flat caps? Very interested!!

  3. Glen jones

    I’m trying to order a hat but it is not letting me put it in the cart. No matter how many times I pick something it says cart is empty.

    1. Doogie

      Did you check the box that says price with reinforced stitching?

  4. Cory Pickett

    Looking for an update on an order?

    1. Doogie

      your order should be embroidered in the next day or so and send you a tracking # as soon as it is done and ready to ship.

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