How to care for your hat

How to care for your hat

In this paragraph, We will discuss how to was your hat.

Wash the hats in cold water. Use recommended amount of quality detergent. DO NOT use chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide separately or in detergents. Above all IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CALL US AT 989-513-4099

Dry on high heat.

However any hat with WESTEX please follow Laundering Instructions Found at

Home Laundering — Westex® Woven Fabrics CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE

Next Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to proper care techniques. We’ll walk you through each step, starting with the dos and don’ts of using hydrogen peroxide bleach. Discover why this oxygen bleach is not suitable for UltraSoft®, UltraSoft AC®, and Indura® fabrics, as it can compromise their flame resistance.

For example: To maintain the appearance of your cherished hats, we recommend washing and drying them inside out. And then this simple step minimizes surface abrasion and helps preserve the surface appearance of garments made with UltraSoft®, UltraSoft AC®, and Indura® fabrics.

Furthermore Sorting your hats is crucial too! In addition Discover how to properly categorize garments made with UltraSoft®, UltraSoft AC®, and Indura® fabrics for optimal care

With “How to Care for Your Hat,” you’ll have all the knowledge you need to keep your hats looking fresh, stylish, and ready for any occasion. Don’t let improper care ruin your favorite headpieces – get your hands on this essential guide today!